Nautitech N40 open convoying

Arrival at the quay of Port Camargues, on board a Nautitech N40 open, shipped from La Rochelle.

1587 nautical miles, 3 weeks passed since the sailing catamaran was taken in hand at the Port des Minimes, 12 days at sea, in the company of the happy owner couple and my crew member.

After the preparation of the catamaran, fresh out of the Rochefort shipyards, first of a new series, we had to wait 4 days for the weather to be favorable for the crossing of the Bay of Biscay.
The depressions were following each other, we only had a small window, before another one arrived with full force on the Galician coasts bringing with it its share of gusts to more than 40 knots and a strong sea with 4m swell.
So we stopped in La Coruña for 3 days, the time to let it pass and take stock of various elements.

The second stage will take us from La Coruña to Cadiz, in 3 days and 7 hours, after having passed the famous Capes Finisterre and St Vincent, downwind sailing with a NNW flow.
Once again, we had to stop for a few days because of a strong easterly wind that prevented us from passing the Strait of Gibraltar in reasonable conditions.

On Saturday April 8th at 8am, we left the magnificent city of Andalusia under a strong E'ly flow but no choice according to the different routings, because the Tramontana is expected for the end of the course in the Gulf of Lion.
So we sailed under motor sail, heading 30/30 until Gibraltar, then calm waters awaited us in the Mediterranean until the end of the course, where we docked in the largest marina in Europe, just in time for the catamaran to be exhibited at the Multihull Show in La Grande Motte.

Loïc, Skipper