Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

ilo maritime law mlc 2006 solas stcw marpol

Internal Audit & Procedures Manual

imo maritime law mlc 2006 solas stcw marpol

The Maritime Labour Convention, was adopted in February 2006, and came into force

on August 20th, 2013.


The establishment of the MLC, 2006, has a significant effect on all commercial shipping, including commercial yachts/ superyachts. This agreement is mandatory for all ships in commerce.

Vessels of -500GT are not required to be certified but ALL vessels must justify the consideration of this agreement, by a procedure of a Voluntary Certification.

Magalie MILLIOU, CEO of Mariteam Services, was trained by the Panama Maritime Authority in 2012, in New York, of relevant aspects of the MLC, 2006. [Certificat MLC]

As a result, she set up a support and follow-up service to assist captains, yacht operators and owners to meet international standards and take into account crew life on board. Upon completion of the audit, a Certificate of Conformity valid for five (5) years from the date of inspection will be issued.

In addition, Panama Shipping Registrar INC., which is approved Recognised Organisation (RO), has verified the “Procedures Manual” used by Mariteam Services.

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Overview MLC, 2006

The International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC), consolidates and updates more over than 65 international labour standards related to seafarers adopted, in order to secure the right of all seafarers with decent employment.

This convention is the « fourth pillar » of the international regulatory regime of the Convention of IMO, as well as three other key maritime, namely :
  •  Safety at sea (SOLAS),
  • Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW),
  • Environmental Protection (MARPOL).
maritime law mlc 2006 solas stcw marpol
maritime law mlc 2006 solas stcw marpol

It has two main purposes :

  • to bring the system of protection, in a consistent form with the rapidly developing globalised sector

  • to improve the applicability of the system, so that shipowners and governments interested in providing decent conditions of work do not have to bear an unequal burden in ensuring protection

The new Convention is intended to achieve increased compliance by operators and owners of ships and to strenghen enforcement of standards through mechanisms which operate at all levels.

For example, it contains provisions for :

  • Crew accomodation
  • Compliant procedures available to seafarers
  • Shipowners’ and shipmasters’ supervision of conditions on their ships
  • Flag States’ jurisdiction and control over their ships
  • Port State inspections of foreign ships
maritime law mlc 2006 solas stcw marpol
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A Guide to the Maritime Labour Convention :

Following the implementation of the MLC, 2006 we have updated our MLC Guide :

a comprehensive booklet, in english and french.

This is designed to assist all those involved in the yachting industry to understand the ramifications of the MLC.

It also contains a summary of the full MLC, 2006 Regulations and some our checklists.

In summary

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maritime law mlc 2006 solas stcw marpol