Frequently Asked Questions ?

Panama Seaman Book

  • Are there any restrictions for certain nationalities?

FAQ Answer: Only for the PHILIPPINS and INDIANS, it will be requested a complementary document to the file: Previous Documentary Evaluation (PDE). PDE – COA

  • Are there any restrictions for Medical Certificates ?

FAQ Answer: Medical Certificates must be signed and stamped by Physicians approved by the Seafarers’ Health Service.  You will find attached the list of approved doctors in France. For other countries, it is necessary to look for a “STCW AUTHORIZED DOCTOR”. Liste Officielle Medecins agrees

OR we accept ALL Certificates issued by the MARITIME AND PORT AUTHORITY of a COUNTRY, recognized STCW and MLC.

What is a Seaman Book (SB) ?

FAQ answer: A Seaman Book (or Seaman service Record), also known as a Seaman’s Discharge Book, is a comprehensive document in which several details and aspects of the seaman’s professional life are stored. It looks much like a passport and is of the same size.

As the name suggests, the service record contains details of where, when, how, and which vessel the seafarer has served on.

This information is important not only for an individual’s record, but also for the government, prospective employers, and other members of the maritime industry, as well as immigration ports and authority.

How to get a Panama Seaman Book ?

FAQ answer: By contacting Mariteam Services, broker specialized in the offshore maritime industry.

How long does it take to get a Panama Seaman Book ?

FAQ answer: Once the candidate’s file is complete, it takes 48 hours to obtain a temporary electronic booklet valid for 3 months.For the final shipping book, it takes between 3 weeks and 3 months (generally 1 month)

What type of Seaman Book position for the offshore technician?

FAQ answer: There is 3 different Seamans books applications for technicians, depending  your position onboard and your certificates.

1) Marine Technician (MT)

2) Marine Technician Mobile Offshore Unit (MT MOU)

3) Marine Technician fixed platform (MTFP)

MARITEAM SERVICES can provide you a Panama Seaman Book which allows you to board a vessel/barge/platform/FPSO, if you are a Seafarer working as technician in offshore industry.

This  Seaman Book will help you to obtain a working visa of the destination country, and enter/exit port state control . Be aware that with the Covid crisis, this document became mandatory in many countries.

What is the Ship Security Awareness (SSA)?

FAQ answer:  The Security Awareness Training for Seafarers aims to raise awareness about the different security threats and how seafarers can maintain security on board of a ship. STCW Security Awareness training is mandatory for all seafarers working on board of vessels who do not have designated security duties.

What is the Ship Security Officer (SSO) ?

FAQ answer: This is a specific individual person onboard the ship who is designated by the Company. The SSOreports to the Master for the overall management and oversight of all shipboard securitypolicies, programs and procedures.

What is the Seafarer with Designated Security Duties (SDSD) ?

FAQ answer: The certificate of Seafarer with Designated Security Duties (SDSD) means any seafarer who is designated to perform security duties, including anti-piracy and anti-armed robbery- related activities, in accordance with Regulation VI/6 of the STCW Convention.

What is the BOSIET (approved OPITO) ?

FAQ answer: The certificate BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training) is the offshore survival certificate that offshore workers are required to obtain before setting foot on a helicopter and entering an offshore environment such as a rig or installation.


What is the FOET (approved OPITO) ?

FAQ answer: The certificate FOET (Further Offshore Emergency Training) is also known as the BOSIET refresher.

What does OPITO mean ?

FAQ answer: The abbreviation OPITO stands for Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization. OPITO was established in 1977 to ensure safety in the oil and gas industry.