Shore Team Sailing & Relations Publiques

Within the Sailing Team, we provide
logistic coordination and your publics relations

Looking to strengthen your sailing Team ?

The Shore Team will have the mission to take in charge of logistics operations and develop public relations through the receptives events.

My logistic mission is translated into the management and provision of resources (preparation of infrastructures, vehicles, equipment), the organization of the delivery of products (material resources, equipment, tools, etc.) and people (hotel, catering, transport) to the place of departure of the race. Logistic requires good adaptabilities skills.

My public relation (PR) mission will be to promote the actions put in place by the Sailing Team for the sponsors and to create a link between the skipper and the various interlocutors (sponsors, clients, partners). Creating synergy, is creating emotion.

Our goal is to optimize the Sailing Team’s performance in order to facilitate their success.


✻  Discharges material or administrative concerns of the Team

✻  Prepares specifications, recences necessary resources

✻  Organizes and monitors the execution operations

✻  Validates logistics costs

✻  Prepares the action plan and manages procurement

✻  Handles priorities and ensures timeliness

✻  Consolidates and transmits activity reports

✻  Technical Assistance (Permit E)

Public Relations

✻  Facilitatrice d’échange avec vos sponsors et invités

✻  Exchange facilitator with the sponsors and guests

✻  Organizes great reception on each event

✻  Coordinates customer and employee invitations

✻  Selects and manages operational service providers

✻  Organizes public relations events

✻  RP events on board sailing boat

✻  Motoboat boarding (Captain 200)



hard worker




the experience

the commitment

adaptability skills

a network

Be able to

working on my own

communicate efficiently

join a team

challenge myself

Tips for success

achieve goals

make a difference

think positive

be passionate


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