Mariteam : Sea Support Services

Sea, Support, Services : WHY ?

Sea : passionate by the seastravels and water sports.

Support : providing all our energy, our skills and our network, for the clients. 

Services : with 10 years of experience in service delivery from Sport Event Tourism, the experience will be built over the years in organization, logistic and customer management. From the mountain to the sea environment, from hotels to yachting, the important thing will remain to be “at the service of others” to participate in enriching human adventures.

Who's Who

team magalie milliou ceo founder mariteam services

Magalie ~ Founder of Mariteam Services ~ Skipper ~ Project manager

Voluntary, dynamic and passionate, and driven by my motivation and interpersonal skills, I am taking the risk of the entrepreneurial adventure in the maritime sectors in 2016. Our passions, our values and our jobs have shown me the strength to associate with my brother.

I find my balance in the plurality of environments, and those of the various meetings that I frequent, realizing my own human adventures.

My fluency in the approach of human relations, allows me today, to know to adapt and to be able to invest in the organization and management of sports marine projects, formalities of port of call of ships as well as in the advice for offshore staff.

“Confidence is a major ingredient, without it no project succeeds” Eric Tabarly

Loïc ~ Mariteam Services Associate ~ Skipper

My passion has always been sport. I naturally went to the STAPS course (Science and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities). My asset, human relations; I love talking, meeting, sharing.

A license obtained from Management of Sports Tourism Services, I decided to “set sail”, towards travel and adventure, the school of life: Australia will be my first destination. At the dawn of my 30th birthday, I need new challenges, and I like the idea of doing my job at sea.

I am going to take the formation of Captain 200; then I fly to New Caledonia, to make cruises in the largest Lagoon in the world! Four years and 130 charters later, back in France, the idea of partnering with my sister is to make the most of our love of the sea.

It is therefore with great pleasure and energy that we offer you our services, to best meet your expectations”

By contemplating the sea, one day one ends up taking it.
team loic milliou skipper

Fun Facts

insert_emoticon 285 Happy clients
112 destination explored
1804 Seaman Book
8400 Miles parcourus